Working without a net

April 18, 2016

In this UNEDITEDED episode, Rise talks about his love for "Ready Player One", the guys compare what W.O.W. was to what it has become, and one player shines above the rest in a quiz about female protagonists, video game endings and game settings. They also have another confessional and talk Comics that made it in the video game world, and comics that fell short.


GameStop Trumps Developers

April 11, 2016

Join us and Keith, our first guest (of many) since the shows revamp as we discuss politics. Politics Such as which Senator spent over 1000 bucks of campaign funds on STEAM games and is Donald Trump trying to take over the world ( of Mass Effect)? Those questions answered plus a quiz and the return of VGx3 Confessions!


I Remember That

April 4, 2016

" "In this great future, you cant forget your past" - Bob Marley" --Rise Like Fenix. Fresh off of a well excused one week hiatus, VGx3 takes a look at the first 50+ episodes and over 13,000 downloads and reminisce on their first show (A-Squad), where they came from and where they're going. if you've never heard the show, THIS is the episode to press start.  RECOMENDATION OF THE WEEK: Heroes of Might and Magic 3, now on STEAM