Captain N and the A-Squad

March 30, 2015

Victor Belmont is back. Nintendo is making games for smartphones and tablets. The Toe Jam and Earl KickStarter was a success. What more could you want?? All that and a walk through the video game based TV shows of our childhood. check it out..... 


Lets try this again.

March 18, 2015

on their second show back from their long hiatus, the A-Squad talks new games, tries their hand at casting a twisted metal movie and discuss just how far you can go in an online confrontation without being fired from your real life job. Guest hosted by PrayingWontHelp.


We Back

March 6, 2015

WE ARE BACK! After a extended hiatus the boys and they plan on bringing a TON of new interactive content with them. Join Rise Like Fenix, Max Barracuda and Giantshock as the attemt to knock the dust off their microphones and and deliver some quality video game based entertainment.