Answer the Question

May 28, 2014

Pat from Pats metal review/shred shack stops by the studio this week. Rise goes into the top 5 games to play with you significant other, smash brothers seems to be taking some gambles, and Rise scolds the general public.


No ship is safe

May 18, 2014

Sony lost more money last year than Mark's zuccurberg with a hole in his pocket(FYI it's a ton of money). Microsoft is slashing prices of the Xbox one to stay competitive. Nintendo is looking to become a third-party developer for other consoles. Is the end of the world (of warcraft) as we know it? Let's find out.Also make sure to answer our talking point on Facebook so we can read your response on the show.


Trivial pursuits

May 11, 2014

After being away for one week, the show is literally OVERRUN with content. TWO QUIZES! News on the new video game island being built in China, new shows on Xbox tv, and MLG at the X-Games. Two QUIZES! We also break down the new Call of Duty Future Warfare trailer. All that plus TWO QUIZES! Hope you like Family Fuede. (two quises).