800 Million Reasons to Love GTA

September 24, 2013

Well we hope you like GTA cause thas's what we wanna talk about today. The new GTA 5 came out this week and didn't disappoint. Our local GTA expert BruceBonnerman shows up to talk about GTA 5 as well. Not much in the way of news so rise shares some of his favorite stories from cracked. We talk an opinion based quiz on the top 25 games for XBOX 360. Max brings back history of gaming GTA style. We give tribute to Way Forward and the axe to Golden Axe.


U.S.A. gets ours 1st

September 16, 2013

A-Squad this week ponders why the U.S is getting our systems before Japan. Pete sweats out his choice to bet all his points in our quiz. We talk about Epic in our developer of the week, and we take a fond look back at streets of rage a Sega classic.


“Crash’ into me

September 9, 2013

This week on A-SQUAD we mark our calender for XBOX 1 on Nov 22. Rise brings back fantasy glitch. We take a look at Naughty dog in meet a developer, and we wrap the show up with our old school game of the week Crash Bandicoot.


Xbox leaves us speechless

September 3, 2013

This week we attempt to give a old franchise a makeover, discuss a huge overlook by X-box and  mourn the Illumi-room. Make sure to stick around after the outro for some extra flavor.