Duck Tales wooo hooo

March 26, 2013

Rise and Shock are joined by Bonerman and max this week to review Gears of War judgement. Rise tells us all about an upcoming Duck Tales woooo hoooo game.Shock takes a pokemon test, and Bonorman loves wizards.


Online Etiquette

March 18, 2013

Rise and Shock are joined by Bonerman, and Belmont again this week. WE gloss over the new Saints Row trailer, which looks great.  Belmont talks about his experiences with God Of War 4, and we try to open up an online smack talking magazine.


Games on Film

March 11, 2013

AGoodDayToDie joins Rise, Shock, and our old friend Bonormanat the movies. We talk all video game movies , and see if  any are worth while.


Wii got a problem

March 4, 2013

Its not every day that Rise and shock come across a PS3 only man, but Seventhfear drops by. Max Barracuda joins us too, and we speculate more on the PS4. We all agree that the Wii lacks. Don't think we forgot to talk about Gears, and we bring back every ones new favorite segment Game Glitch.