PS3 Home Invasion?

February 25, 2013

Up down up down left right left right A B. Nice Rise & Shock just unlocked MrBruceBonorman, and the 3 of us talk a new Playstation Home where you gotta watch your back. We break down The PS4 Premiere this week and give our opinions on it. To continue the conversation email us at or tweet us @asquadgamers.


The “Industry Man” Victorbelmont

February 18, 2013

Rise and Shock got cornered back Dracula this week, and it looked grimm. But our boy VictorBelmont shoots in to save the day. We take down more than just Dracula though. We talk aboutnew Ps3 controller, upcoming games of 2013, Aliens coloinal marines, and finish off with some old games we got out the closet. If you guys want to chime in on the conversation hit us up at .


Mo systems Mo problems

February 8, 2013

Rise and Shock are trying to steal info this week on the upcoming systems, when we encounter a Gmen. Luckily ths Gman is our boy Justin , and we sit down this week to talk ps4, xbox 720, new metal gear , and finish off strong with some retro games. they're going to have to call in Elliot Ness to bring down these 3!


Old Friends Team Up

February 4, 2013

Like Baird and Cole, Max Barracuda and Praying wont help come to help out Rise & Shock entertain the hordes of  listeners that are popping out of no where. We all team up take on Crysis 3 beta , Black Ops 2 new DLC, and saw through violence in games. Im sure this wont be the last time we'll see these guys team up!